Our Core Values ...

​ 1)      Our goal is to inspire Builders, Renovators, Designers & Architects to use our products, not to just sell them! We expect and hope to do so by fostering our group of products offered by Architectural Bling Inc, that can and should be used as an alternative to wood products, where applicable in the commercial, residential or institutional Construction Industry. 

2)      We wish to continue to engage the Construction Industry by showcasing the $$ value and the Green nature of our products, to drive loyalty and long term engagement from our clientele, all the while, adding extra profits to their bottom line. 

3)      We promise to maintain a careful balance in our business and business practices, that will always resonate value, authentic quality and preservation of historical beauty through the use of our products in commercial, residential or institutional Construction. 

​4)      We will strive to provide products that will “fit” both “High-end design and maintain the affordability “to the rest of us” without compromising style. 

5)       Lastly, Architectural Bling Inc will always encourage actionable “feedback” from our clientele, to insure we always deliver, our perceived promises given to our clientele, on each and every project we engage in. We believe excuses are not an “Option.”

                                                                                   Glynn House-Murray
                                                                                     Architectural Bling Founder

Our Passion...

My passion, my quest is to change “old attitudes” from wood only applications, to a newer GREENER, more sustainable alternative trim products for the construction industry! The answer to this question remains with you. If you want beautiful products that will outperform wood and other amalgamated construction products, by more than 50-75% less cost to install and to purchase,  you should feel compelled to contact us for a quote on your next project. We hope you catch our Passion about these fantastic Green products and ask us for a quote on you next project!!

 Our Beginnings...

​Architectural Bling Inc is the brainchild of Glynn House-Murray, an Energy Engineer of 26 yrs+ who is passionate about introducing these “New / Old” Products to Builders, Renovators, Architects and Designers for the merits expressed above. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce, “A MUCH GREENER, Eco-Friendlier and a more affordable product to the construction industry for everyone to afford and enjoy. It is evident, that these products have been poorly marketed to the construction,  Architectural and Design Communities, in these past (8) years since the conception and evolution of these current finishing products.