Are you using sustainable products when they are available? 

Are you using “Sustainable Products” in your building processes? I call the word  “SUSTAINABLE”  the most over used, most un-verifiable word in the building materials Industry Today! As an Energy Engineer I challenge you to think GREENER in your choices on your next building project, since they now are available in abundance, for all of your trim door & windows, and baseboards needs, in any size, décor, shape or style, with lead times of 4-7 days, instead of 4-7 weeks?  At this point, why would you even think about STICKING with your existing trim purveyor who only wants to sell you more “Wood products,” when you can accomplish the same job for 50-60% less in material costs and 50-75% less in installation costs? Shame on your “Old Guard” of trim purveyors, who have known about these wonderful products for over 15 years and never suggested these to you, to save you time, money and gain more profits on your next project!

Environmentally Responsible Management ...

Architectural Bling Inc General Goals for Being Environmentally Management Responsible are:
     • To Make the Most Efficient Use of Our Resources — Materials Energy and Water;
     • and Minimize Contamination - Chemical And Otherwise - of the Environment.

Architectural Bling Inc is Dedicated To Make Efficient Use of Our Resources
using The "4Rs of Waste Management" Principle :

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Recover

Being Environmentally Responsible...

Policy Statement

Architectural Bling Inc recognizes the need to protect the environment and is committed to improve environmental performance through its commitment to further environmental awareness, pollution prevention and resources conservation in collaboration with our suppliers and our clients to make the industry more sustainable.

Reducing our impact on the environment is one of the major concerns of all North Americans. Achieving sustainable development will require efforts from all individuals, to government and the private sector. It entails making changes in the way we live, work and build, and more than ever by the way we produce and deliver goods and services.

Many Americans have already begun to make changes at home to reduce their impact on the environment, and industry has also been making changes. But there is also much to be done in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors, and particularly relating to better building materials choices available today, when they become available. To that effect Architectural Bling, Inc. has begun contributing its part in the process of making changes, to  “old  mentalities”  of automatically thinking of using wood in the past and still selecting wood for future construction projects. This mental impasse has to be corrected by the builders, developers, and designers “you are all the Architects” of today and tomorrows’ future of “Sustainable Worldwide Forestry,” in short, the lungs of our planet!!!

Our GREEN Mission Statement ...     

Architectural Bling Inc was established as a small GREEN business with a vision to provide "Historically Correct" exceptional trim and molding products, keeping in mind our environmental responsibilities in the new construction, remodeling and commercial construction industries. Our goal is to change “ out-dated OLD attitudes” of Wood only applications for the construction trim industry and to replace it with a “better than wood alternative,” that is a “truly  sustainable” organic Bi-product from the refinement of petroleum. No Trees have to be involved in this part of the construction process any longer, now having this GREENER alternative to use instead, that is less than half the price of wood or wood products, more durable, insect proof, water proof, impact resistant, solvent resistant, no VOC’s, Fire retardant, will not crack, is mold resistant, will not warp, more pliable to use and easier to install than wood.

Are you as compliant and environmentally responsible as you should be Mr./Ms. Builder, Renovator, Designer or Architect? As much as you profess to be on your brochures, websites and awards you receive each year?

The answer to this question remains with you. If you want beautiful products that will outperform wood and other amalgamated construction products, you should feel compelled to contact us for a quote on your next project. It would be our privilege to provide you a Greener solution!