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My passion, my quest is to change “old attitudes” from wood only applications, to a newer GREENER, more sustainable alternative trim products for the construction industry! The answer to this question remains with you. If you want beautiful products that will outperform wood and other amalgamated construction products, by more than 50-75% less cost to install and to purchase,  you should feel compelled to contact us for a quote on your next project. We hope you catch our Passion about these fantastic Green products and ask us for a quote on you next project!!

The Green Factor ... High Density PU has a higher Eco Friendly (Green) rating than real wood harvested from “non-certified” sustainable forests from around North America and the world. (PU is an organic bi-product derived from the Eco-Friendly refining of fossil fuels)​

PU Products are Fire Rated ... Wood cannot be rated unless coated with a fire retardant at even GREATER expense to the builder or designer, PU is just naturally Fire Retardant.

High Impact Tolerance ... 
Much more so than wood. The physical properties of High Density PU is to resume its original shape or form almost immediately after impact. Wood or plaster will not do this. The physical property of wood and plaster is to chip or split on impact.

Product Adaptability, Creep or Warp Resistant ... PU molded products are waterproof, warp proof, will not migrate once installed (less future maintenance), they are mold proof, insect proof, solvent proof, UV resistant, and non-bacterial. Wood and plaster products cannot lay claim to these benefits.

Product Availability - No More Long Lead Times ... Architectural Bling can guarantee lead times of 4-7 working days for over 95% of the styles it offers online and in their new showroom. We offer short lead times thus blowing your current Millwork/Trim supplier out of the water for On-Time Delivery to Your Job Site. In fact, the Millwork /Trim industry has effectively governed higher prices for wood and plaster products for years by limiting quick supply to satisfy your demand. Their rhetoric in marketing their products is that you have to wait longer if you want to buy quality products, and you have to pay more for wood or plaster products because they are pretty much “made to measure”.

Labor / Installation Costs are Cut by 1/2 or More ... to install PU molding versus standard wood millwork, and by More Than 2/3 if installing plaster. This is where most trim companies make their largest margins on a job! A large part of their profits is in installation!

Price Point ... Polyurethane Hi-Density building materials will cost you Up to 50-60% LESS compared to most elaborate wood millwork (4” and above), and More Than 125% LESS than standard plaster molding of 3.5” or more in height. Why would your Current Trim/Millwork Supplier want to introduce you to a product line that would reduce their bottom line by 60 to 125%?

Key Factors Why You Should Consider Architectural Bling's

"Providing a Sustainable, Green Alternative to Architectural Décor"
My goal, my passion, my wish is
to correct the misconceptions
about these beautiful products.

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